Sylvia Liu
ClixConsulting Founder

Before founding ClixConsulting, Sylvia had nearly 8 years of experience in executive search and talent recruitment at Hays, a globally renowned listed headhunting company. She focused on industry such as financial services, high-tech, and consumer goods, excels in executive recruitment and corporate consulting, and has accumulated over a hundred practical experience in executive search.

Sylvia excels in providing comprehensive talent solutions for clients in the entrepreneurial, growth, and mature stages. She has a deep understanding of the pain points of enterprise lifecycle and organizational development and has rich practical experience in talent layout; The clients she serves include Fortune 500 multinational companies, domestic listed companies, and high-quality growth unicorn enterprises. She has successfully delivered comprehensive talent recruitment projects for multiple top unicorn brands, including organizational structure design, talent portrait reshaping, candidates mapping, and core team of talent building.

With solid recruitment skills and rich industry accumulation, Sylvia has won numerous awards and recognition in the industry, including Asia TOP Recruiter, 2020 China TOP Biller, FY2021 China TOP Biller (Personal Billing 4Million+) and Quality TOP Leader.


Clix Shenzhen: 8th floor, Block B, Aerospace Science and Technology Plaza, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China. Tel: +86 755 21846959

Clix Shanghai: 6th Floor, Infinitus Building, 168 Hubin Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China


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